Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Booka Shade - Movements (2006)

This classic album was reisuued a few months ago as 'The Tour Edition' featuring a DVD of their set at Pukklepop from a while back. Lovely casing aside, it seems a pretty pointless re-release. I can't bring myself to watch an hour long video of dutch people on gurns dancing like twats... although that actually does sound fairly entertaining... Anyway, this album is too good not to be had. Perfecty restrained, subtly intelligent and damn groovy. Shades of techno, minimal, house, trance and pop all collide in one euphoric, bouncy and stupidly catchy hour of quality music. You will dance.

Booka Shade - Movements
1.Night Falls
2. Body Language
3. Shimmer
4. Paper Moons
5. The Birds And The Beats/At The Window
6. Darko
7. Hide And Seek In Geishas Garden
8. Pong Pang
9. Manderine Girl
10. Take A Ride
11. Wasting Time
12. In White Rooms
13. Hallelujah USA
14. Lost High


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