Monday, 19 May 2008

Cannibal Ox - The F-Word (2001)

Thought I should put this up along with The Cold Vein. The F-Word was the 2nd of the only two singles released from the album and easily one of the best tracks Can-O ever put out. Ever fallen for a friend? Everyone has. But only Vast Aire can put it so perfectly into words. Also comes with a few non-Cold Vein tracks and a great remix from Ex-Def Jukie RJD2.

Cannibal Ox - The F-Word
1. The F-Word [Original/Clean]
2. The F-Word [Remix/Clean]
3. Life's Ill [Dirty]
4. Metal Gear
5. The F-Word [Original/Instrumental]
6. The F-Word [Remix/Instrumental]
7. Life's Ill [Instrumental]
8. The F-Word [Original/Dirty]
9. The F-Word [Remix/Dirty]

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Awesome, mang...tanks!