Monday, 19 May 2008

J.Viewz - Muse Breaks (2005)

J.Viewz was a project headed by up-and-coming Israeli producer Jonathan Dagan. Perfectly mixing chilled electronica, break beats, seductive soul vocals and acoustic instruments into a maelstrom of gorgeous, hypnotic, dreamy jazz. Theres a refreshing precision in the squeaky clean production that hides how layered and detailed this music really is. Highly recommended.

J.Viewz - Muse Breaks
1. Under The Sun
2. Muse Breaks
3. Worth Light
4. When Silent It Speaks
5. Your Country
6. Room For Me, Room For Sweets
7. Meantime
8. Sunswoop
9. Feeler
10. Two Steps Away
11. Protected

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Anonymous said...

I love it :D