Sunday, 30 March 2008

Braintax - My Last And Best Album (2008)

The third and (apparently) final part of Braintax's trilogy of albums is quite frankly, a dissapointment. Its a sub par rehash on all his previous themes of life, society and politics. But what once seemed refreshing is now dull and contrived (another Riviera track?!) and with nothing new to say this album really scrapes the barrel lyrically with Colin Emmanuel's synth laden production adding little to the recipe. That said Braintax is still a master and this is worth having just to finish the otherwise brilliant trilogy. For old fans it feels like the Low Life ship has truly sailed (is he even touring this album??) If you haven't heard any Braintax before bypass this album and find 'Biro Funk' and 'Panorama' immediately.

Braintax - My Last And Best Album

1. Magnum On Crack
2. Fix Up Come On
3. Retail
4. Real People
5. Duvet
6. Beast Is Us
7. Munchies
8. Invisible Media
9. Goldfish Bowl
10. Riviera Hustle 3
11. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights

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