Thursday, 27 March 2008

Akron/Family - Franny And The Portal To The Fractal Universe Of Positive Vibrations.

If you've yet to hear Akron/Family's unmistakeable sound (where the hell have you been??), or you've heard a little and crave alot more; this is the album you've been after. I'm not sure exactly what this album is, but from what I've found it seems to be one of the many albums sold exclusively on tour. Quite different from the rawkus, experimental style of 'Love Is Simple', this is a far more subtle, beguiling and beautiful album. It is understated and quiet, finding a perfect balance between breath taking walls of sound and acoustic melancholia. With its far more toned down style and noticeable lack of trademark hippy lyrics this is a perfect introduction for begginners and an essential piece for completists.

Akron Family - Franny And The Portal To The Fractal Universe Of Positive Vibrations

1. Franny
2. East Coast
3. Before And Again
4. Positive Vibration Force
5. Before
6. Suchness
7. Today
8. Carry On
9. Interlude
10. Drowning
11. Onward
12. Onward, Trainstop, Bookmark
13. Infinity


ElGaucho said...

Hadn't heard about this until you posted it. As such, you are awesome. Thanks

James Ramirez said...

wow... thank you so much for posting this! I got to meet Akron family out in sao paulo, brazil -- they put on an amazing show, and their music is beautiful.. love it.. i haven't heard this and am excited to download!!! thanks so much!

steve0 said...

hey, is there anyway you could repost this? I'm dying looking for it. I've got plenty of new akron/family i'd be happy to send you. I'm just looking for the obscure stuff... I'm a fiend for the family. thanks

Ben said...
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Ben said...

Wow, I've been looking for this for ages. Is there any way you could repost? If not, well, at least in my search I happened to stumble across your excellent blog.

Davide said...

dead link.. :(
re-up? please