Saturday, 5 April 2008

Dub Trio - Exploring The Dangers Of (2004)

With their 2004 debut, New York's Dub Trio presented an almost revolutionary take on dub, incorporating a far more 'live band' feel and energy to the music. Completely ignoring the dub purists bible with its progressive sound, often cascading into distortion and ambient synths with frequently changing time signatures and a willingness to delve into any genre.Worth getting just for the ambient beauty of the almost post rock 'Casting Out The Nines.' This is a stunning piece of work.

Dub Trio - Exploring The Dangers Of

1. Drive By Dub
2. Casting Out The Nines
3. Scoop And Smash Em
4. Sick Im Kid
5. Real Wicked Ways
6. Awakening Dub [Live]
7. Fur Boots On The Party Moose [Live]
8. Sick Im [Live]


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